Monday, June 13, 2011

Wondering in the Forest...

I did a photo shoot with Ivonne over the weekend. Wondering in the forest. It is telling a story and it really plays out beautifully. For the whole set check out my flickr


  1. The photography is definitely GREAT! The storytelling is unique. :) My only suggestion would be to crop a little (very little, depending on how much of the background is necessary for telling the story.) crop a little closer to the beautiful woman.

    Another option would be to use some editing tools and maybe blur the edges so that the woman is the center focus. (Or wherever she is in the picture... you don't need to center your subject every time.) That way, the viewer can still see the amazing scenic backdrop, but the lady still remains the focus.

    You are going to be GREAT! You already have an eye for beautiful subjects and creative, inspiring poses. Good luck!! :)

  2. good photography! I like your eye for capturing!

  3. You definitely have talent with the camera and I love photos in nature. Telling a story with photos is all about photography and this is what you have done here. I am also new to photo taking as well on my blog while I focus on food and some nature. Good luck and have fun. You will get better and better. That is what has happened for me.