Monday, October 17, 2011

Litte Red Riding Hood

Hello to all,

Can you believe that it's already October ? Where has the time gone ? It's almost time for Christmas. I have been so busy with photography classes, homework and shoots I have had no time to update my blog. Photography class has been so fulfilling. I love that I am comfortable shooting in manual mode now !! I am so proud. My last class for digital 101 is tomorrow and I get a couple weeks off and then I start Digital 102 ! The exciting thing about this is through taking these digital classes it has taught me a little more about my vintage canon film camera.

Anyway enough about my classes. I am so excited about sharing these little red riding hood pictures with you guys. They came out really dramatic. Now that I know a little more about my camera I started to critique my own work.  We had lots of fun with this shoot plus we did our own little twist to the story. Let me know what you think !!